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1st 4Ways  

Kata Championships


This weekend past 12th June 2021. Fourways Martial Arts Academy hosted for the first time since our Covid lockdown in March last year a 4Ways Kata Championship.

Every one of our students was invited from 5 years of age to veterans in the Children’s and Senior development championship for all athletes who have not yet achieved their District, Provincial Or Nationals Colours. Also, this was a great opportunity to complete in a Covid compliance championship which runs very well on time and most importantly very safe. 

This is the reason, we did not have fighting due to the risk factor of contact.

All covid protocols were enforced for this event to take place. 

This allows our students to have the opportunity to get some tournament experience without having to compete with “Elite Athletes”.

The divisions were small with a total amount of 80 entries from all our 6 Dojos such as, Redhill Dojo, St Stithians Dojo, Pinnacle College Dojo, Flamingo Dojo, 4Ways Garden Dojo and KiAi Karate Dojo. We all had fun and hopefully, we can grow from here.

A *BIG* Thank you to all my 4Ways Dojo that helped in refereeing, with the table officiating, with the Covid Screening Clinic and to sensei Roberta as the Chief Referee of the day.

The Tournament was fair and very well judged by qualified referees.

 CJAH3557 IMG 3481 IMG 3487 IMG 3488 IMG 3492 IMG 3493 IMG 3495 IMG 3497 IMG 3499 IMG 3500 IMG 3501 IMG 3503 IMG 3505 IMG 3507 IMG 3509 IMG 3511 IMG 3512 IMG 3513 IMG 3514 IMG 3517 IMG 3519 IMG 3520 IMG 3523 IMG 3524 IMG 3525 IMG 3526 IMG 3530 IMG 3521 IMG 3535 IMG 3537 IMG 3538 IMG 3539 IMG 3540 IMG 3540 IMG 3542

Sensei Roberta and Sensei Stef are extremely proud of our students and their result as this was the first championship for most of them.

Again I cannot stress more than enough what an achievement this is for their first tournament under these challenging times.

A special thank you to Nkwe Badiroang, Teresa Knights and Liz Zeeman for all their help.

May you grow from strength to strength J

Well Done 4Ways Dojo!!!... The future looks great!!!