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Black Belt Results

Hombu Dojo 5th & 12th Dec 2020

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Fourways Martial Arts Academy is very proud to congratulate SIX high graded Goju Ryu Instructors.

Congratulations !!

To all our Senior Dan Black Belts.

  1. Danny Lombard - 5th Dan
  2. Manfred Noriskin-Ender- 4th Dan
  3. Danika Stevens - 4th Dan
  4. Ebrahim Patel - 3rd Dan
  5. Jiren Mudaly - 3rd Dan
  6. Dhiren Mudauly - 2nd Dan

Sensei Danny, Sensei Manfred & Sensei Danika received their 5th & 4th  Dan on Saturday, 12th  December 2020.

They have been a pillar of strength, an example and an ambassador of Fourways Dojo.

Having done altogether an average between 20 to 40 years of karate, starting at a young age, has over the years shown their persevering persistently ever since.

All have been by our side helping in every way they can to better the standard of our students.

I am really proud of all the Dan grading candidates especially Ebriham and Jiren on their instructors level of 3rd Dan which means they are licenced to open up a dojo.

Lastly well done to Dhiren on his 2nd Dan.

They have proven that you can achieve anything in life, by putting your heart, mind and soul into following your dreams.

To all the newly awarded black belt students, well done to the following!!

  1. Aiden Zeeman:- Black Belt
  2. Bryce Zeeman :- Black Belt
  3. Alessandro Biagioni:- Cadet Black Belt
  4. Alex Hatchuel:- Black Belt
  5. Campbell Procter:- Black Belt
  6. Joshua Gerard:- Black Belt
  7. Malcolm Driessel:- Black Belt
  8. Nicholas Dobson:- Black Belt
  9. Stuart Andrews:- Black Belt
  10. Sven Langenhorst:- Black Belt
  11. Thea Langenhorst:- Cadet Black Belt
  12. Ethan Nel:- Cadet Black Belt
  13. Braden Howard:- Cadet Black Belt
  14. Hein Bezuidenhout:- Black Belt
  15. Samantha Boys:- Black Belt
  16. Helerene Jansen Van Rensburg:- Black Belt

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Again, I am so proud of the newly Black belt students.

This is the first time in 4Way Dojo History that we have had so many grading candidate of 22 going for Black Belt in a single year, with a 100% pass rate!!!

You have all contributed to the success of 4Ways Dojo and a valuable asset to the strength of the academy.

You have done incredibly well.

In spite of this you have accomplished something quite amazing to have lasted so long in this art, unconditionally and lead by an example of good attitude in helping others.

That alone deserves the grade you were promoted to.

Also, I am incredibly honoured and humble to have been doing karate for over 40 years of studying Goju Ryu karate.

However all credit must be said to Sensei Arnold De Beer, Chief Instructor for International Shorei Martial Arts Academy, whom I consider my Father in karate.

Still, I am instructed by him to this current day, as well as my students.

I would like to honour him for all the years he has dedicated to our success as a Goju Ryu instructor.

A BIG THANK YOU Sensei Arnold de Beer.!!!

Also a special thanks goes to our ISMAA’s instructors, Sensei Tony De Beer on the grading panel that have also contributed to our students career.

I am so proud to be affiliated to this organization and its people. 

My wish is that you keep training and never give up the dedication you have shown over the years.

Yours Sincerely

 Sensei Stef Biagioni