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2016Senior and Children’s

Bosco Gasshuku


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Fourways Martial Arts Academy hosted their 14th Annual Senior and Children’s Karate Training Camp. It was held at the Bosco Youth Center south of Johannesburg on the 12th & 13th March 2016. The venue is fantastic, safe for children with clean accommodation, good food. Facilities include the conference hall that caters for large groups of people at a time as well as an auditorium for power point presentations and a cinema for watching movies etc. The training camp accommodated all age groups, trying to perfect the training of the Goju Ryu syllabus and Sports karate.

We were very honoured to have instructors from ISMAA that have had on an average over 35 years of experience. Goju Ryu practitioners such as Senseis Tony De Beer, Sipho Vilakazi, Stephan Coetzee, Kyle Schoeman, Stef Biagioni and Roberta Biagioni.

Special thanks must be said to Sensei Tony De Beer, who is one of our most experienced instructors. We were honoured with his presence at the weekend to help the future of our black belts.
Also a special thanks to Sensei Stephan & Sipho who has never missed a Bosco Camp to help out. This week end was excellent training for those senior adults that were interested in Goju Ryu self-defense.
Last but not least, Sensei Roberta and I would like to thank all the instructors from Fourways Dojo that helped this weekend: Sensei Alison Day, Sensei Emma Wentzel and Sensei Brett Ferreira and Sensei Silvio Biagioni

There was plenty of leisure time included in the weekend such as swimming, pillow fighting, making new friends, watching DVD’s and eating lots of junk food. Even the T-Shirts gave a sense of unity working towards a common goal.

Having done all that we also had a club competition on the Sunday where medals were awarded for the first, second and joint third places. The hall was big enough for all of us to enjoy and make plenty of friends.

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I would like to thank everyone involved and hope you all enjoyed and gained more knowledge you had before the camp.

Looking forward to seeing you next year March 2017!

Kind Regards

Sensei Stef Biagioni