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IsmaaT O Strand April 2022

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Fourways Martial Arts Academy would like to congratulate the following grading candidates for outstanding achievement for their Black Belts which took place from the 29th April to 1st May 2022 at the ISMAA’s T O Strand Gasshuku South Coast  

Reece Baynes:- for Senior 2nd Dan Black Belt (April 2022)

Jaeson Brink:- for Senior Black Belt (April 2022)

Alessandro Biagioni:- for Senior Black Belt (April 2022)

Rachel Dannheisser:- for Senior Black Belt (April 2022)

Amber-Rose Naidoo:- for Cadet Black Belt (April 2022)


Again, Sensei Roberta & I are so proud of the Five Black Belt students.

You have both contributed to the success of 4Ways Dojo and are a valuable asset to the strength of the academy.

You have done incredibly well.

Despite this, you have both accomplished something quite amazing to have lasted so long in this art, unconditionally and led by an example of a good attitude in helping others.

That alone deserves the grade you were promoted to.

Also, I am incredibly honoured and humbled to have been doing karate for over 40 years of studying Goju Ryu karate. 

However, all credit must be said to Sensei Arnold De Beer, Chief Instructor for International Shorei Martial Arts Academy, whom I consider my Father in karate.

Still, I am instructed by him to this current day, as well as my students.

I would like to honour him and his new GRADE OF 9TH DAN for all the 55 years he has dedicated to our success as a Goju Ryu instructor

A BIG THANK YOU, Sensei Arnold de Beer.!!! 

Also, a special thanks and congratulations go to our ISMAA’s instructor, Sensei Tony De Beer on his 8TH DAN and Sensei George Capazorio on his 8TH DAN who are the examiners that have also contributed to our student's careers. I am so proud to be affiliated with this organization and its people.


My wish is that you keep training and never give up the dedication you have shown over the years.

gWell done!!

With gratitude, I respect

Thank you 4Ways Dojo!!!