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African UFAK  Championship

Tangiers Morocco

7th – 9th February 2020

12 3 4

Karate South Africa had selections in January their Top Ranked Number 1 athletes to compete in the Senior, Junior and Cadet UFAK Africa Cup Championship in Tangiers, Morocco 7th – 9th February  2020.

This African Cup is also very important for the Olympic Qualifying for Tokyo 2020

SASCOC recognised the 19th edition of the UFAK Championship as an official event of KSA and awarded the Senior, Junior and Cadet team with official Protea colours. 

There were 23 countries with just over 300 entries with Morocco taking 1st and Egypt taking 2nd Place as the two top nations, then South Africa coming 7th place overall.

South Africa won 1 silver medal and 8 bronze medal.

Well Done to our 4Ways Dojo who had four athletes represented at the African Cup.

  •      Danika Steven for -55kg Kumite
  •      Reece Baynes for Individual Kata and Team Kata
  •      Alessandro Biagioni for Individual Kata and Team Kata
  •      Nicholas Dobson for Team Kata

A big congratulations to the our 4Ways Team Kata Male Juniors, Reece, Alessandro and Nicholas for an impressive bronze medal. The Team Kata came 3rd to Egypt and Morocco which is currently top 4 in the World Karate Federation (WKF).

Lastly, a special congratulation must be said to Alessandro for clenching another bronze medal for his individual kata narrowing losing to Morocco but beating Benin in the finals of the bronze medals.

This is a fantastic effort considering  that only one entry per country per federation is represented at the WKF UFAK Championship.

I am so proud of our 4Ways dojo who is arguably one of the best dojos in the country.

Keep up the good work and a great start to the year 2020! J

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Well Done!

A great achievement!