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2Banzai Cup Open; Berlin 3

Vienna Open; Austria


The past week Sensei Stef, Silvio and Alessandro attended the International Banzai Cup, Berlin 29th  -30th Sept in Germany and the Vienna Open 6th Oct 2018 in Austria.  The idea was to take a team from 4Ways Dojo for as little as R25 000.00 to take part in two major International event that is Sanctioned by WKF (Karate Olympic body) in a space of 10 days, in order to get exposure  and game time on the European circuit. 

The Banzai Cup Open attracted more than 30 countries, 231 clubs, 1600 entries and 1256 competitors. Ages from 10yrs to Veterans and all belt levels.

Silvio took part in senior kata division with 45 competitors in his draw. He had 5 round, beating Germany, Ukraine, Italy, and in the final with Belgium who happen to be their national champion. Silvio was unanimous through all his rounds except the finals where he had three flags for him and two flag went against him. His final kata was Gankaku and won.

Also Sensei Stef competed in the veteran Kata division and won gold doing Superimpei in the finals with England doing Unsu.

Alessandro, took bronze medal for his u14 years kata division . With just over 30 competitors , Alessandria had to go through 5 round having to compete against Germany , France, England, Ukraine and Denmark.

The next international was the Vienna Open in Austria , 6th October.

Another successful event for 4Ways Dojo representing South Africa at the Vienna open attracting 600 entries, 81 clubs and just over 20 countries.

A special Congratulation must be said to Silvio’s gold medal in the senior kata division beating Austria in the final with 5 Flags.

Also a good effort from Alessandro who just lost out in the finals of the bronze medal for his kata division. However his u14 years +55kg  kumite division, his fighting spirit managed to clenched a bronze medal beating Slovakia, was exceptional.

Last but not least, congratulation to Sensei Stef Biagioni for again winning his veteran division with a record, unanimous 5 flags victory through all his rounds for both the Banzai Cup and Vienna Open.

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Kind Regards

Sensei Stef Biagioni