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World WKF Champion – Davide Benetello


Fourways Martial Arts Academy hosted WKF World Champion and European Champion, Davide Benetello from Italy.  The seminar was held at St Stithians College in Johannesburg on the 22 & 23 September 2018.  The training accommodated from 5 years of age to seniors, trying to perfect specialized training in Kumite skills.

We were very honoured and privileged  to have Davide Benetello take time off his schedule to visit South Africa to teach us his experience in Kumite that has made him the world champion.  He has also taught us new training methods that we can incorporate into our current training as well as the believe that as South Africans we can achieve anything towards the Olympic dream.

Davide Benetello personally had a major influence in getting karate to the 2020 Olympics in Japan. Davide Benetello is a WKF 7TH Dan instructor, Member of the WKF Executive Commission, Chairman of WKF Athletes Commission and a Member of the Karate World Rules Commission.

He is a great role model for our children and was very accommodating to give his autograph, posing for photos with the students etc.  We all loved his company and are very blessed to have the opportunity to be taught by such a humble champion.

A special thanks to my Fourways Dojo that contributed to a very successful seminar and to the instructors that helped me during the times that I hosted  Davide Benetello. Thanks to each and every student, and parent from other Dojos for your support towards having Sensei Davide Benetello in our beautiful South Africa as he and his wife Deborah Benetello left feeling very welcomed to return.  

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