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AUSC Region 5 Championship

South Africa, Durban 28th-29th May 2022

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Karate South Africa had selections in March/April where the top 2 Protea athletes in all divisions were chosen to take part in the International Region 5 Championships and the top 3rd and 4th athlete was chosen for KSA Colours respectfully.

15 of 4Ways Dojo’s athletes were chosen for the AUSC Region 5, hosted in Durban, South Africa from the 28th to 29th May 2022.

Seven countries were represented in Region 5, i.e. Angola, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and Namibia with over 300 entries.

Overall, South Africa won the most amount of medals with 63 Gold; 49 Silver and 82 Bronze.

Botswana came second and third was Namibia.

A big congratulations to the 4Ways Dojo!

All our 15 athletes did extremely well by clenching 15 Medals and 3 Trophies (2XGolds, 3XSilvers And 10XBronze).

5 Results of the Fourways Dojo Medal Winners: 

  1. Stef Biagioni– Gold For Kata And Bronze For Team Kata
  2. Silvio Biagioni– Bronze For Kata And Bonze For Team Kata
  3. Alessandro Biagioni- Bronze For Kata And Bonze For Team Kata
  4. Danika Stevens – Silver For Kumite
  5. Aidan Zeeman- Gold For Kata
  6. Sven Langenhorst– Silver For Kata And Bronze for Kumite
  7. Thea Langenhorst- Bronze For Kata
  8. Malaika Minyuku-Gutto- Bronze For Kumite
  9. Kian Jordan- Bronze For Kumite
  10. Sarah Rotshein- Silver For Kumite
  11. Moeketsi Badiroang- Bronze For Kata
  12. Riley Euson– Team Kata Trophy
  13. Georgia Van Der Schyff - Team Kata Trophy
  14. Milena Maffia- Team Kata Trophy

Lastly, a special note of congratulations to Malaika Minyuku-Gutto for getting her Protea Colours for the first time; and Sensei Stef leading from the front being at his 14th Region 5 Championship, medalling every time and for passing his internationals UFAK coaches Kata and Kumite course. Congratulation! To Sensei Roberta for once again passing her international Referee’s UFAK course with distinction

A BIG Thank you to all the parents for supporting our children and making them feel special in their achievements.

And last but not least, Anke Langenhorst for her contribution as part of the local organising committee working this weekend. 

4Ways dojo is by far the most well-respected dojo in the country.

You are all amazing, representing our dojo with honour!!

Till next time keep up the hard work.

See you all at Arnold’s Classic!! 

Well Done!! 

A fantastic effort to all! J