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Silvio Biagioni has done karate from the age of 4 years.  After fourteen years of doing Goju Ryu karate he has qualified to the level of 2nd Dan (Nidan). Under the auspices of Shihan Arnold De Beer, style head of the International Shorei Martial Arts Academy (Ismaa).


Silvio trains in Fourways with his father, Stef Biagioni who is a 6th Dan (Rukudan) professional martial artist and his personal coach. Silvio has the privilege of a fully equipped karate studio at home where he trains every day.


Silvio’s championship (WKF) record stands as follows:


1)       2006:-Goodwill Championship in South Africa, Cape Town -  (Gold)                                               

2)       2008:-Commonwealth Karate Championship Scotland; Edinburgh - (Quarter finalist) Protea

3)       2008:-Zone 6 Championship South Africa; Pretoria – (Silver)

4)      2009:-Zone 6 Championship Botswana; Gaborone – (Bronze)

5)       2009:-Commonwealth Karate Championship South Africa; JHB – (Gold) Protea

6)      2010:-Zone 6 Championships in Zimbabwe, Harare - (Bronze)

7)       2011:-Zone 6 Championships in Maputo, Mozambique - (Final Repercharge)

8)      2011:-Commonwealth Karate Championship Australia; Sydney – (3 Rounds) Protea

9)      2011:-WKF Cadet and Junior World Championships Malaysia; Malaka – (3 Rounds) Protea

10)    2012:-International Bonzai Cup Open in Germany, Berlin - (Gold)

11)     2013:-WKF K1 Premier League in Russia, Tyumen  - (Bronze)

12)    2013:-Zone 6 Championship Namibia; Windhoek - (Gold; Bronze) Protea

13)    2013:-2nd World Goju Ryu Championship, South Africa, Stellenbosch - (Bronze)

14)    2013:-Youth Cup (WKF) Greece, Corfu - (5th place) Protea

15)    2013:-Central England International Open, England, Burnham - (Semi Finals)

16)    2013:-Commonwealth Championship, Canada, Montreal - (Gold; Silver) Protea

17)    2014:-Elite SA International Open, South Africa, Durban - (Double Gold)

18)    2014:-Italian Open Di Toscana in Italy, Florence - (Quarter finalist)

19)    2014:-African Youth Games, Botswana; Gaborone - (Silver; Bronze) Protea SASCOC

20)   2014:-African Zone 6 Championship, Zambia, Lusaka (Double Gold) Protea

21)    2014:-Vienna Open in Austria (Double Gold; silver)

22)    2014:-WKF K1 Premier League Salzburg in Austria (Final of Repro charge 5th Place)

23)    2014:-WKF World Championship Germany in Bremen (ranked 9th)Protea

24)   2014:-Friendly International Portugal in Faro Protea

25)    2014:-African Cup (WKF) in Senegal, Dakar (Silver) Protea

26)   2015:-Zone 6 Championship South Africa, Johannesburg – (Triple Silver, ) Protea

27)    2015:- African Games, Congo Brazzaville – ( Bronze ) Protea SASCOC 

28)   2015:- 3rd World Goju Championship New Zealand, Auckland – (Double Silver, Bronze