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Samurai Cup



Dear All

This weekend past 7th September 2019. Fourways Martial Arts Academy was invited to Children’s and Senior Samurai Cup  development championship for all athletes who have not yet achieved their District, Provincial Or Nationals  Colours.

This allows them the opportunity to get some tournament experience without having to compete with “Elite Athletes”.

There were full divisions of competitors’ from all over Gauteng and all 3 styles of karate was represented such as Goju Ryu, Shotokan and Shito Ryu.

The Tournament was fair and very well judged by qualified international and national referees.

4Ways Martial Arts academy entered 19 student and clenched 22 Medals in total.

• 7 Gold Medals
• 3 Silver Medals
• 12 Bronze Medals

 Congratulations!! to the following athletes:-

 Moeketsi ~ Bronze

  1. Storm ~ Bronze
  1. Sarah ~Bronze
  1. Tane ~ Gold & Bronze
  1. Albie ~ Silver & Bronze
  1. Shravya ~ Gold & Gold
  1. Heldana ~Bronze
  1. Azar ~ Gold & Bronze
  1. Zacree ~Gold & Bronze
  1. Justine ~ Bronze & Bronze
  1. Isla ~ Gold
  1. Riley ~Silver
  1. Caleb ~ Bronze
  1. Tarisai ~ Silver
  1. Frederick ~ Gold & Bronze

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Sensei Roberta and Sensei Stef are extremely proud of the their students and their result as this was the first championship for most of them.

Again I cannot stress more than enough on what an achievement this it for their first tournament.

A special thank you to Nkwe Badiroang for all her help as team manager.

May you grow from strength to strength.

Well Done 4Ways Dojo!!!... The future looks great!!!

Kind Regards

Sensei Stef Biagioni

Cell 083 384 3026

Tel 011 705 1080