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GKF Awards 2018

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Excellence, Prestige, Commitment… These are just a few choice words to describe this event and the athletes who were commended for all their hard work throughout 2017/2018!

The GKF Awards Dinner is the most prestigious event on the GKF calendar and was held at the Libanon Recreation Club in Westonaria on the 16th June 2018. This event is an opportunity to award students who were selected to represent the GKF team at the National trials held in Johannesburg, Gauteng and those who represented South Africa abroad. 

Fourways Martial Arts Academy had 11 of our students awarded at the GKF Awards.  They did a superb job at bringing back well over 20 trophies for not only achieving Gauteng colours and a medal position at the KSA Nationals earlier this year, but also for representing South Africa abroad at the various WKF events namely:

 • Zone 6 Championships (Botswana/Mozambique) • WKF Training Camp & Youth Cup (Croatia)  • UFAK African Games (Cameroon) • WKF Cadet and u21 World Championships (Spain),

Congratulations to the students that were awarded:

  1. Stef Biagioni
  2. Silvio Biagioni
  3. Danika Stevens
  4. Claudia Dobson
  5. Nicholas Dobson
  6. Reece Baynes
  7. Justin Baynes
  8. Taneka Visser
  9. Malaika Minyuku-Gutto
  10. Nuru Minyuku-Gutto
  11. Jacqui Baynes

 Lastly, a special congratulations for two of 4Ways students, i.e. Silvio Biagioni and Danika Stevens.  Silvio was awarded the Male Player of the years and Danika was awarded the Female Player of years for 2017/2018.  Both Silvio and Danika are also ranked number one in Kata and Kumite for 2017/2018 in their divisions.

This is an incredible achievement considering that Gauteng is the strongest province in the country and all the above accolades come from one dojo which is arguably the best Dojo in the country, which is Fourways Martial Arts Academy!

A huge congratulations must go to Sensei Stef who not only was awarded for his sterling job at coming 1st place at the KSA Nationals for his Veteran Divisions, but for his consistency throughout the year 2017/2018 at achieving a medal position at ALL events that he attended. He was also awarded for his dedication in contributing towards karate South Africa and what he has done for the sport as well as his ability to produce top athletes in the country.

Last but not least, Jacqui Baynes was awarded the best team manager for the year and was awarded for her dedication to the success of Gauteng province. 

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Well-done to each and every student that is part of and more importantly PROUD to be part of Fourways Martial Arts.   

You can certainly be proud, because Fourways is proving to be the best dojo in the country due to hard work and dedication! 

Kind Regards

Sensei Stef Biagioni