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Black Belt Grading

HOMBU DOJO 15 September 2018

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Fourways Martial Arts Academy would like to congratulate the following grading candidates for an outstanding achievement for their Black Belts which took place on the 15 September 2018 at ISMAA’s  Hombu dojo in Glenvista.


The following students have graded to:

Claudia Dobson:- Graded to senior Black Belt

*     Kirtana Ramsundhar:- Graded to cadet Black Belt

*     Sven Langenhorst :- Graded to cadet Black Belt

*     Malcolm Driessel:- Graded Cadet Black Belt

*     Yasmin Ho :- Graded to cadet Black Belt

*     Sadie Ho:- Graded to junior Black Belt

*     Liam Regenass:- Graded to cadet Black Belt

*     Aitana Ruocchio:- Graded to cadet Black Belt

Fourways Martial Arts Academy is very proud of their students who’s standard was very high. This was a tough grading with all aspects of the Goju Syllabus covered.   The results were unanimous from all examiners such as our Chief Instructor, Sensei Arnold De Beer, Sensei George Capozurio, Tony De Beer, Richard Buckley, Jorge Pinto. Every one of the grading candidates was well prepared, well-conditioned for this event and are an inspiration for all our students?

Fantastic achievement for all..

Welcome to the Black Belt Academy!!!!

May you all grow from strength to strength and from Dan to Dan

Kind Regards

Sensei Stef Biagioni