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Awards Evening
Redhill 2016
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Dear All
I would like to thank all my students for attending the Awards Evening at Redhill School last week Friday 2nd December 2016.
It was a fun occasion for most and an honour for some who got awarded for their achievement in 2016.
Congratulation to all the trophy winners and on behalf of Sensei Roberta and myself we would like to wish everyone and safe and festive season and a wonderful new year.
Please find attached some photo of the Awards evening.
IMG 1359 IMG 1360 IMG 1361 IMG 1365
IMG 1382 IMG 1384 IMG 1386 IMG 1388 IMG 1394
IMG 1393 IMG 1398 IMG 1406 IMG 1407
Lastly to all my parents’ thank you for being so dedicated this year in supporting your children’s karate, as you can see the result says it all.
Your children are enjoying karate so much that it is an absolute pleasure to teach them.
To all my senior instructor, again the strength of 4Ways Martial Arts Academy is a testament on the strength of my senior black belt that has a huge input to the teaching of Goju Ryu Karate.
Well-done to you all!!
See you all back in the new year 11th January 2017
Kind Regards
Sensei Stef Biagioni